Coal Run Craft is looking for talented restaurant culture people just like you!

Coal Run Craft is a newly opened establishment in a food collaboration with Serrianni’s Pizzeria (since 1953). The new kitchen is complete, the restaurant is licensed, the menu is finalized, and we are ready for a soft opening for ‘food to go’ very soon.

Below are some of the positions we seek good talent for. The kitchen positions offer big flexibility and possible interchange between functions and duties if one might wish. They also offer the potential for one searching for some time or full time.

Located in a small old, renovated community school building right beside Coal Run or Clune, Pa. (The GPS address is 2382 Coal Run Road, Homer City, PA 15748).


Brewery construction is underway with plans for full facility opening in 2022 including indoor/outdoor guest seating, more open hours with great food, and craft beer. This is an opportunity for an experienced Brewer to get in ‘ground level’ and be a key person in the development of the beers and the brewing plans here which are centered around production via 5BBL Brewha BIAC fermenters. (This is also an exciting chance for a brewer experienced with typical Brewhouse equipment to brew with an alternative method).

While this position is currently ‘part time’ the potential leading to more or full time and benefits should be recognized. Our scale equipment is under the order, but our two pilot systems (one pictured here) are ready to brew beer now!

A ton of information on the Brewha BIAC system can be found at:

We are looking for a hardworking, motivated, creative, experienced craft beer enthusiast who will play the leading role for a small team of assistants for the various functions and phases of beer piloting thru brewing production.

The schedule can be flexible. The location is a Homer City, PA GPS address, but the small renovated 1942 rural school building lies intersecting the towns of Coal Run and McIntrye, PA.



Even though we are a ‘soft start’ opening we anticipate the need for someone to control the overall flow of the kitchen and workstations. Examples may be pulling order-specific dressings and condiments, perhaps filling soup containers and packaging orders with appropriate sides. Gathering cooked foods from various kitchen stations and appropriating to the correct go orders. You are going to help make everything run smooth!

We offer a clean, quick-paced, vibrant workplace for someone special just like you and include fair wages, meal benefits, and equal tip sharing.

One working at this position would need to be the later-in-the-day type. Soft opening hours are going to be Thursday and Saturday evenings from 4:00-9:00 pm. So, an 8-hour shift those two days would be 2:00-10:00 pm. More open-for-customer-hours will be available in the spring. (Not interested in doing both days? No problem…don’t bow out yet. With our 7shifts scheduling software one can possibly opt for flexible shift scheduling like one day a week, or maybe two days every other week, etc. Want more hours? There are even options to ‘cross over’ for open times in other positions perhaps like POS, kitchen duties like prep, cooking, or dish-pit at earlier times in the day. That’s flexibility and it can work with your schedule. More on 7shifts below).


Are you the customer engagement type? Front of house person? Quicker with touch screen keys than kitchen knives! Again, thru 7-shifts scheduling (more info below and some above in Kitchen Expediter) it’s possible to participate full or part-time with the ability to swap or trade shifts for this later-in-the-day position.

And like described above, there’s a ton of potential flexibility. Com’ on! Customers want to see your smiling face and fingers dance on the POS board as you take orders! Hand over foodie to-go orders, run credit cards, collect monies and send happy customers off for an enjoyable eve. A fast, fun, colorful workplace with fair wages, meal benefits, and equal tip sharing. More POS evenings in the spring.


We are looking for kitchen talent. Needs for prep workers, fast-casual cooking, dish-pit, sandwich construction, and pizza building.

Now you do have to be the hard-working, fun, and friendly type. Why? Cuz you’ll be working among other fun and friendly types in a bright, lively quick-paced modern kitchen! The duties can be either earlier or later in the day work depending of course on the actual position. Join our crew with your strength and aptitude and area of interest! Again, 7shifts scheduling software (as described throughout) makes the schedule flexible so you can work but have a life too!


7shifts is an online employee scheduling software system designed for shift workers operating in the restaurant industry. The solution allows employees to check their upcoming shifts, post their schedule availability and time-off requests using a mobile app. 7shifts accommodates employee shift pooling and shift swapping.

7shifts is also a team collaboration that means helping keep everyone in sync. Communication…team chats and messaging, time clock, and task management are examples of other common functionality of the 7shifts online employee scheduling software we are using to make Coal Run Craft the best career place for you!

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Coal Run Craft
2382 Coal Run Road, Homer City, PA 15748