About Coal Run Craft

Coal Run Craft is a collaborative effort with Serrianni’s Pizzeria.

It’s an ultimate collaboration between husband and wife! Wife (who is quite loveable and that I much love) described as being owner and operator of Serrianni’s Pizzeria.

Started by her father in 1953, and non-stop purveyor of incredibly good New York Style thin crust pizza.

For many years throughout our rural foregone coal mining community.

Me be husband (who is possibly loveable on occasion, like when the moon is red on the same day of a sandstorm).

And quite capable of unreasonable dreaming grandeur, the belief that anything can be done even if there’s no time left.

And truly believing that one day (before death) my to-do list shall be finished! I also always wanted a bar and restaurant.

In fact, my first business attempt at a young age was buying the abandoned old Tiller Hotel in my old hometown.

It had a destroyed beautiful old bar that needed to be torn out and completely replaced, a roof with gaping holes one could see the blue clouds pass above, and vandalized bathrooms of broken fixtures, mirrors, and glass.

This is going to be easy!!!

I’ve since down turned an eye for all bankers after their rejection simply because I had no experience, no real plan, no bank account, no down money nor a car to offer up for collateral.

What the hell? Why do they always want so much? Ya know what… I’ll just get a job and save up for some months and buy it myself. Can’t wait to see their frowny banker faces then!

Wronged again if you can believe it. Somehow I was again quite cheated because the word ‘months’ skipped right over the word ‘years’ bypassing them directly to the word ‘decades!

So I ended up with this little piece of property having upon it an old abandoned rural community school building built I’m told in 1942.

I see potential. All I gotta do is fix the shattered windows, the vandalized bathroom, the big gaping holes punched through the roof by fallen trees, and a few other minor things.

This is going to be easy. Plus, it shouldn’t take but a few months just as long as I work really hard at it.


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